Thursday, October 11, 2007

Measuring success

Mike Murphy: A dedicated athlete and hard worker. Does 320 BW squats at the beginning of a WOD that started with max BW squats....

A common question is "I've been crossfitting for a while when can I expect to not be tired, as I go through the workouts?

Answer: Never.... well It's not that simple. As you do a benchmark workout there is always a way to increase the difficulty weather its the load being lifted or the time it took you to move the fixed load. These are a crossfitters measures of success. (ie the difference between a 10min fran and a 4 min fran) If a 4 min franner did a 10 min fran they would not be tired

Many people will talk about heart rate and V02 max and all sorts of other correlates of success. although these can aprox tell you about the athletes abilities they aren't a rock solid way. Does best V02 max mean that you are the fastest in the world? Obviously not. what does.... running a fixed distance the fastest does.. (work capacity)

Work capacity is the goal standard for crossfit, and for any serious athlete. Measure loads lifted, and time runs, measure jumps.... then do it all out of breath and time yourself!

Record results... having a training log will be the best way to judge improvement, because you will comeback to benchmarks and now you can set yourself a goal (always more than you did before)