Friday, August 3, 2007

Senario based training

Oscar reminds me what I look and feel like on an actual maximal effort during the max number squats portion of the workout, Believing that you can win is the first step!

Inspired by the words of Tony Blauer: (and the performance of Oscar)
A work out like fight gone bad had a definitive intent and its to get ready for a UFC style fight, it gives realism in fight time and rounds. Tony has brought a new thing the the playing field and its a scenario... I often think of this when running distance or even when I want something really badly I can put myself into a whole new state that is beyond the competitive state... It the survival state
when asked "how many pushups you can do" you will most likely respond with an even number... (this answer has noting to do with what you are actually capable of) now if I placed a gun to your head and and asked you to do pushups, do you think you could do more to save your life? obviously. Put yourself in this mental state when running a 400m dash, if i just run it versus believe I'm chasing someone , I will always perform better chasing someone, and I will perform better yet If I believe I'm being chased.
Coach says for some the fear of sporting failure is worse than the fear of death. I beleive that these people have the ability to slip closer to this state during training/competition.

Homework: Set a personal record at something anything, by using a mental state to get you there. OR ELSE! (post PR's to comments)

Monday, July 30, 2007

Going to print!

T-shirts are going to print! just getting quotes and such today and will be printing very shortly!