Thursday, April 19, 2007

level 2

preparing for Level 2 crossfit cert... reading, packing, finding a good place to eat sat night, making arrangements to see my russian weightlifting friend to pick up a book.... tons of stuff on the go...
Most definatly a rest day! and me for rest day= Nap day

2nd time is a charm

Burt capillaries under my eyes last night,(red spots) was on the rings working on back levers with the men's coach.... The first time this happened was from my first mega handstand workout... to much pressure in my head, and I wasn't breathing enough, so I will have to breath more.... but at least I know I'm working when my face feels like the after affect of a Tabata squat!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Chris and "cindy"

Last night went rock climbing with Oscar... (his first time on the rock wall) pretty good effort... and fun at the same time... I walked up my "red run of death" with realative ease. We talked to the manager who was an avid climber and he talked about how he set that run up with all the holds upsidedown... (he also said it was a solid 5.9, if not a 5.10) but I cant do any other 5.10 so I say 5.9....

Chris has finally arrived today, we are going to hit cindy at the playground... should be a good one.... 20 mins of torture. (I'm doing 10 sets for time...dont wanna kill myself pre gymnastics)

Cindy: (20 mins max sets)
5 pull ups
10 push-ups
15 Squats

Looking at buying a gorillapod for my digcam.... should make for some more interesting pictures, but I make no artistic promises.

Later tonight Gymnastics... I dont think I will need to do a conditioning circut
I think I'm going to try a "backwards roll to support" tonight... should be interesting!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

mustaches are cool

progressing nicely at gymnastics... was landing some pretty good front tucks on the floor, no matts for me!...(had to correct form on my jump... went back fixed and and bam perfect) and managed to do 3-4 single rotations on the mushroom trainer for the pommel horse, the next goal is 1.5 rotations ect... it's very tough for a guy my height to do this, along with anything in gymnastics... oh well

Monday, April 16, 2007

Reality Check

"The modern fitness industries concept of "toning" muscles is specious- it might sound cool, but lacks any tangible and definable meaning. The term "muscle tone"or tonus describes an electrophysiological phenomenon, a measure of ionic flow across muscle cell membranes. It can be thought as of a muscles readiness to do anaerobic work. The more fit the muscle, the more electrophysiological activity it exhibits at rest. Lack of exercises leads to poor tone, aerobic exercise improves tone a little bit, low intensity weight training improves tone more, high intensity training improves tone the fastest. As a test go poke the traps of quads of an elite weightlifter at rest, they'll be hard as a rock, the same muscles of an elite cyclist at rest will be firm, then compare them to a person that's sedentary.." the results will speak for themselves...
"if tone is the goal, strength is the method"
-Practical programming for strength training