Saturday, May 12, 2007

Rest Day

Once you break the point of no return in crossfit or any type of training the risk of over training is huge, The athletes ability to put himself down grows larger and larger. Meaning an elite athlete after and elite performance needs much more time to recover than an average athlete with an average performance. The difference being that an elite athlete can do an average performance any day of the week and more without any risk. But when maximizing loads/speed ect... needs more time to recover. This is shown the best by elite strength lifters needing up to 10 mins between heavy lifts to maximize potential, but beginning lifters only need about 2 mins to recover because they don't have the ability maximize or to put themselves down the same way!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Muscle-ups Friday

Met up with Mike today and he was saying he was ready to get onto some Muscle ups!... I showed him a muscle up on the bar and It inspired me to my original goal which was to do Muscleups on fixed objects... Ive spent alot of time working on rings so getting back to basics.....
30 Muscleups for time (on fixed bar)

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Fight Gone Bad (modified)

today was the first group workout!
I chose Fight Gone bad, which consists of 3x5min rds with 5 exercises each are done for one min
  • wallball 10lbs @10ft (sub)
  • Deadlift highpull 75lbs
  • Boxjump 20"
  • Pushpress 75lbs
  • Skipping (5 single unders, or 2 DU's are one point) (sub)
all are counted by reps except the last...

Great effort by all results are posted on Facebook...along with more pics (feel free to tag them up!) in the London Crossfitters group!
PS I was not planning on doing the WOD today at all.... but felt the group pressure to do it!! thanks guys....

first group WOD thurs...

I havent posted in a while, but by popular request I'm back. I'm not going to make any excusses or eventalk about whats happened during my down time...

The group workout is to help prepare me for my bootcamp and to spur interest, they will be a no charge invite only for right now but who knows what happens with it... I'm going to stick with the plan of starting small and getting kicked out... I look forward to the next step in my journey
there should be lots of pics from tommorrow, it wont be as fancy, but forsure they will be working very hard!
I will have a bottle of YBF on standby, and hopefully no one has to meet pukie!