Saturday, April 14, 2007

New WOD!

OH squats max reps at (1/4BW, 1/2BW, or 3/4 BW)

rest 3 minutes

800 meter run for time

rest 3 minutes

Tabata squats

rest 3 minutes

800 meter run for time

rest 3 minutes

Max reps overhead squats at (1/4BW, 1/2BW, or 3/4 BW)

I Dont think i need to say anymore... this is going to be tough.

The path of greatest resistance

Doing the common uncommonly well, is the reason Ive added the weighted wheel barrel to the hill training, and I saw Chuck Liddell do it, I may have an unhealthy obsession with torturing myself and
I've learned via weighted ruck running that when I ran without weight, it was much easier!(simple physics again) This is a Crossfit principal if you ask me... people always ask, what or how to do something, and the answer is always the path of greatest resistance.
It only becomes fun when your better than others at it...

This is the reason the effect of 80% of the WOD's is collapsing on the ground and feeling sorry for yourself for a few mins before you get up.
First Day outside since the werewolf WOD loving the coming warm weather.

Ive been invited on a Parkour run... hmm tired from yesterday, but I think I'll do it... not going to take any risks on hurting myself.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

physics lesson

49,824lbs in 4 mins is the math on me doing tabata squats at 18 reps(rest is counted as work so it's actually more because time is decreased)

ie: Work= force*distance/time

200lbs moving 2ft(aprox distance for 6ft tall person) by 20 reps repeated 8 times = 64,000lbs
200 X 2 X 20 X8 =64,000

divide number by 4 for lbs/min.... 64,000/4= 16,000lbs/min for 4 mins

Hill training with Steve and UFC run for me...
pics of 2 broken men soon to come


why 973... those are the magic numbers for the zone, lets move on from mindlessly following the chart and start reading labels.
9 grams Carbs, 7 grams Protein, 3 Grams Fat = 1 Block

we should be visually aware what serving sizes are now, I know I can cut a perfect ounce of cheese blindfolded

even though it's not shown I try to have a tall glass of water with each meal and snack, I believe this to be a major factor, because water is the number one supplement for your body and the zone lowers your overall water retention.(2x 2block snacks not shown)

Keeping myself honest during the tabata squats, I've placed a string with a ball on it at my max reach and force myself to touch it with alternating hands during the tabata reps, this ensures max hip extension (not cheating the top)
if you do this and your tabata number changes significantly you may want to look at yourself in the mirror and call yourself a cheater, because that's who your cheating (consciously or unconsciously)

PM:did an honest 18 tabata.... goal was 18 no extra squats... no time left after 3rd rd

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Gymnastics 2x in one it

worked on front flip jumping body position, and did some one handed handstand drills... they look very easy in the video but i assure you they are not.
did day 2 conditioning.. really starting to move through these rotations... similar to the effect of the CF warm up... so I will treat it the same and increase difficulty... soon

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

18 days and 100 views, feel free to post!

I'm sure that about 20 or so of those are mine, when I come to post, but it seems like people are coming to look at my site.. even if I do put gross pics of my feet on it... sorry about that by the way. Thanks for all the msg's, even the one spelling police message.(I think that's pretty good for me)
Last night was gymnastics, and it was awesome because all the Students weren't there... It was me and maybe 4 other people.. so I had the run of the gym. I did my gymnastics conditioning day 1 and then went crazy for the rest of the time. Today was the first time I haven't felt sore all over from a gymnastics class, and Amber gave me a new exercise since I'm "hardcore" with the Vsnaps now... I didn't get a name for it but I'll call it a "Vsnap rollover"
I just looked on the gymnastics schedule and saw an invite only 3 hour intensive class, hmmm I'm going to inquire about that! Time to seek out the next level.

Did some skipping today and even 2 mins at a hard pace(of singles) is a challenge... gotta get those wrist a rocking....

Monday, April 9, 2007

Since everyone is posting pics of hands I will post feet

(Pic from post Bataan Death March in 2004)
Ive learned a lot about failures from wear on my body from my feet. I've had every problem imaginable during the course of training for the Bataan death march (lost 8/10 toenails after that) ,the Ironman, and beyond, But since really breaking down and learning from mistakes, I believe I'm past the vast majority of my problems. here is my solutions that will parallel with hands.
Fitment: I changed my shoes and got orthotics causing less foot sliding in the shoes, preventing that sweat that builds and creates hot spot, blisters, and broken skin.
Preventative care: cutting nails properly(straight across this takes time and dedication), regularly and doing callus management with water soaking.

now this parallels with hands in respect to the preventative care.. look on beast skills and he shows removing callus with a butter knife... I'm more of a pommel stone kind of guy but to each his own. That guy is a gymnast and I have read all to often about gymnasts having to do this type of thing on a semi regular basis, we are doing gymnastics moves, so why not recover in a similar manor
2nd Grip on the bar, especially during the deadlift and the pull up
gripping to high on the bar will cause extra folding of palm skin, thus promoting callus development. Using the "hook grip" and starting by sliding your finger tips until the bar is in position rather than reaching over is my solution to avoiding the palm skin pinch. "put the bar where it's trying to go to, not where you think it needs to be."
other factors... does your bar have an excessive knurl... take a file to it and cut down the sharp edges
CHALK, CHALK, CHALK.... taking a few seconds during a WOD can avoid taking days off from a workout... the chalks purpose is to keep your hands dry, similar to foot powder on your feet (the army is famous for,and for good reason) if your hands sweat has over powered the chalk it's time to re-chalk.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Back to basics

Snatch and L-sit WOD (for time)
35lbs snatch 21-15-9 (each hand)
Lsit 15sec,21sec, 30 sec

Then I'm supposed to be doing some rock climbing, I wonder if I will be able to conqure the red run of death a 2nd time....

Rips reply to vertical question

It's nice to have the author of what I'm going to call my current strength bible answer my question, crossfit is such a cool community!

"It has been my experience, and the observation of most experienced coaches, that a trained vertical jump does not improve much over the course of an athlete's career. My guess is that it might improve 20-25%, but certainly not as much as other aspects of performance. Some initial progress is inherent in learning how to effectively do the test, but after that the limitations imposed by inherited neuromuscular efficiency tend to limit vertical jump progress. For this reason, it is a good indicator of talent for explosive athletics in younger kids, since the capacity is present from birth and expresses itself early. It is one of the more useful components of the NFL combine tests because it reveals potential, as well as current ability, which the squat might not do. Strength, technique, and psychological ability can make huge improvements, but only within the context of genetically-constrained neuromuscular efficiency.

Actually, this points out the primary flaw in the CFN tables, especially if they are presented as a progression. Performances that are heavily dependent on neuromuscular system factors and the endocrine/neural components that control them are subject to the limitations thereof. Individual genetics, male/female differences in potential, and age-specific factors must all be considered in the development of any table of performance standards. It appears as though the CFN tables suggest that it is possible to improve one's vertical jump from 10" to 30", and this is simply not possible. And there are no differences in standards for the "military press" between male and female, or for most of the other tests that most definitely display different potentials respective of sex - the reason competitive sports have men's and women's divisions.

In addition, performance in strength-dependent tests does not vary with bodyweight in a linear manner; performance suffers relative to bodyweight among taller, heavier athletes. This fact is reflected in the "best lifter" formulas used in both powerlifting and weightlifting, and has been recognized for many years as necessary to take into account when comparing the performances of different athletes. The CFN tables do not allow for this commonly observed phenomenon." - Mark Rippetoe