Friday, April 6, 2007

Rest Day... sorry no poem

This is going to be the rest day of all rest days I ain't doing nothing.... actually I'm going to do some stretching.. sorry no pic of that!
New math says i'm 90% complete level 2 testing
this last 10% is going to be very difficult not going to happen this week!

7:27 4 things left

So I did the 2000m row, all on heart and zero on form.... I started out pretty strong but my lack of regular access to a rower really hinders my chances at being any good. we set the pace boat to hit 7:30 on the money and I just beat it...
Whats left:
30 sec L sit
30reps/hand 1.5pood KB snatch
20 pull-ups
45 thrusters 1/2 BW

After the row me john and rick did some vertical testing john(22") and rick (18"), I did 20' post the row... legs like jello... and then we did some muscle up work, rick pounded off his first muscle up Congrats Rick!!! and we are still working on john!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Thank a Kangaroo!

Just warming up with some OHS's before fran. (notice the difference in arm position and how it changes the rest of my body position) In Toronto for the day, looks like I'll be doing my row with john 2000m in 7:30 (fingers crossed, Ive had some difficulty with others in the work category)
feel free to comment on the shoes, but I see it as no worse than any Girl I know, they are impractical (only used for lifting), don't make my calves look , and cost me and arm and a leg, definitely wouldn't want to go for a run in them!
But god do they make a difference when doing anything explosive let alone the slow lifts!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

6 Things to overcome

It's hard not to focus on failure or unachieved goals as you track your progress, but I make myself focus on where I am now versus Before Crossfit(BCF)

The short list:

1)Kettlebell Snatch 1.5pood (30reps each arm) Need to work on form and come at this one fresh, also buying a book on the snatch from a russian... so thats gotta help!
2)Thrusters 45xBW My week will have a focus on all the thrusters I've cheated myself out of
3)pull-ups 20 with time
4)Lsit 30 sec with time
5)2000m row >7:30 on thurs at johns house fingers crossed
6)powersnatch 1/2 BW Test today!

Had John make me an excel sheet to help me track progress with the 5 basic strength standards (Have I said that Starting Strength is an Awesome book yet!)

Bench Press
Power Clean
This will allow me to calculate an estimated time that I or one of my athletes will reach the next training level on the scale, which in turn changes how the program works.
Thanks John, I already added to it!

21-15-9 reps, for time)
  • Thruster 95 lbs
  • Pull-ups
Soreness and Injuries: (para phrased from SS)
Soreness is produced when the body does something to which it is not adapted.
DOMS: Delayed-onset Muscular Soreness - The onset of the perception of soreness is normally delayed, anywhere from 12-48hrs, depending on age and conditioning level of the athlete, the nature of the exercise being done, and the volume and intensity of the exercise. Certain muscle groups get sore faster and more acutely than others. certain exercises even when done right, at a high level produce next to no soreness at all. If you are not training hard enough to produce occasional soreness, and therefore having to train through it, your not training hard enough.
Waiting until the soreness goes away before training again is a definite way to guarantee soreness will be produced every time.
Extreme soreness that impedes full ROM must be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Usually warming up carefully and thoroughly will be a viable solution.
some allowance can be made if it's determined to be from lack of recovery!

Vertical Inquiry

Asking my athletes/friends whoever reads this to do a test on vertical and post results... I have no real basis of whats good aside from this chart, and I have no idea how fractional it is to gain an inch or what....
to test: stand beside wall reach as tall as you can with one arm and mark it (i just chalked my finger) then jump up and touch as high as possible and measure the differance, give yourself a few shots and try both sides make sure to warm up first because of the explosive nature!

Did my 100 free squats... weren't exactly free, but I did it! chalk
up another level2 on the board!
75% complete
only 6 excersizes left to do and i'm level 2!!!!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Schedual pukie for an afternoon apointment

Oscar came for a workout yesterday, he did "Tabata this" and I did some testing work, because I had gymnastics at night.

Tabata This; 8 intervals of 20 secs work followed by 10 seconds rest for each exercise!
Squats, Pull-ups, Sit-ups, Push ups
all 8 intervals are done with one exercise before moving onto the next, no rest between exercises
During the recovery I received a phone call and I heard Oscar move toward the washroom, to say the least he met pukie, and his little brother dry pukie. he relaxed while I did my testing and we called it a day.... I printed him the sheets on Rhabdo just as an FYI for him.

Coach is so right that all the yelling in the world doesn't do jack compared to having a stopwatch and saying 3,2,1... GO (it becomes the athlete personal drive that pushes them harder than you could by insulting them)

I'm so happy with how I'm doing with the level 2 testing
"Awareness will get you results, what you practice,you will get better at" -Coach
Tests Results: (72% complete level 2 or higher)
  • failed at 45x thrusters 1/2 BW
  • complete military press 1/2 BW (level 2) (I've done 115lbs x5 in a WOD so I should be able to do 131lbs which is level 3 for me)
  • complete deadlift @ 1 1/2 BW (level 2) I will test level 3 coming shortly (350lbs)
  • Vertical Jump 22.5' (level 2) only 2.5' short of level 3 (my vertical shocked me!)
  • Handstand hold 1 minute (balanced against wall, I'm going to count it!)

Gymnastics monday!

Day 2 Gymnastic Conditioning

Cardio (Metabolic conditioning)
skipping on the spring floor 5 mins

2x25 Lemon Squeezes
2x10 chin-ups
20 push ups (3 different styles)
45 sec hollow hold (5th point for the jumpers in the crowd)
2x30 sec handstand hold
2x30 ad rockers
25 chest lifts
2x10 vault hug-leg lifts

Active flexibility
2x10 beam kicks front
2x10 beam kicks back
2x10 beam kicks side
2x10 pike lifts

After this I will move onto skill work!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Lost .......(Rest Day)

Lost in a world
That runs by me, sometimes
I run by it.

What time is it, who cares
When do I
Have to be there, have it done by

Does it matter

Do I matter

Wondering through the woods


If I die
Who will care

I don’t care

When I hear about, someone
Dying in the woods


Should I
Care about someone
That I have never met
Should they

Care about me

Went rock climbing with James in the afternoon at eastpark, Climbed the "red run of death" (a 5.9 with a big overhang and some very small grips) this run has been haunting me for at least a year, I bought climbing shoes just because of this run! So all the grip training and crossfit has really got me somewhere because I was never even close before I really got serious with crossfit.

Class 5 is considered true rock climbing, predominantly on vertical or near vertical rock, and requires skill and a rope to proceed safely. Un-roped falls would result in severe injury or death.

The original intention was that the classes would be subdivided decimally, so that a route graded 4.5 would be a scramble halfway between 4 and 5, and 5.9 would be the hardest rock climb. Increased standards and improved equipment meant that climbs graded 5.9 in the 1960s are now only of moderate difficulty. Rather than regrade all climbs each time standards improve, additional grades were added at the top - originally only 5.10, but it soon became apparent that an open-ended system was needed, and further grades of 5.11, 5.12, etc. were added

I love when I am maxed out and am told that I'm mediocre