Friday, June 1, 2007

werewolf workout results!

As promised Steve and I completed the werewolf wod under full moon...there was heavy cloud cover so I believe some the the moons powers to have been shielded somewhat. Steve got a little over excited and forgot to stick to form on lifting the heaviest object, the 100lbs plate! He beaned himself in the head pretty good, but with the clock still running we managed to tie off with decent pressure and stop the bleeding and finish the last cycle of the WOD. We then carried out immediate first aid but it seemed to be all sealed up, and this will be a workout Steve wont soon forget!.
amateurs reading this at home, Steve and I are trained professionals... do not attempt to become a werewolf without the direct supervision of a crossfit instructor!
but seriously come on out, have fun first, get fit... and remember that everything is scalable to ALL levels... (I train my mother in crossfit, soon I will let her loose against the boy's)

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Breading werewolves

Group workout: team WOD
1 single rd no one rotates until everyone is done
Team time 18:16
50 Thrusters (30lbs)
50 box jumps (20")
100 single unders skipping
50 Kettlebell swings (1 pood)
50 situps
50 deadlifts (95lbs)

The motivation to not be the last one during the workout is just excellent! I love it.

Full Moon Tonight
Steve and I will be doing the werewolf WOD
50 squats
400m carrying a 45lbs plate (any way)
50 push-ups
400m carrying 2x35lbs plates (any way)
50 tuck jumps
400m carrying 100lbs plate any way
50 squats

Werewolves are beast so no substitutions are allowed! The distance is 450m because either the city planner that made my block made it 450m..or we are beasts, one of the two.
This wod is from now on ONLY allowed to be performed under FULL MOON!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

what brings me success I will repeat!

Taking my own advice is the hardest part of training for me now. I can address peoples problems when they say they have one or I identify one for them, but my own problems lay by the wayside. I'm returning to greasing the groove. (GTG) for my pull-ups I have had great success with this and now I return to my past success. The concept is that by doing something repeated throughout the day at less than max capacity you will build a capacity to do it better. for example if you can do 10 dead hang pull-ups you will do 6 pull-ups 6 times a day. This can be done with any exercises and NO John you cannot do it with all exercises... but black box model it if you want!... I would love to see the results.
MOR- Measure Observe Repeat

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Importance of a very strong L sit

I'm just now learning that almost every single gymnastic move is bases somehow from the L sit, and now that my L sit is getting stronger than before. I can do more tricks/moves whatever you want to call them. Having the ability to contract those muscles and hold them against your own body weight started out as a near impossible task for me, and now I sit for about 10 sec cleanly... a very big improvement for me.
The new trick on the rings was L seat press to handstand
the new trick on the parallel bar I think was called a basket in the back part of a swing get into a full pike and swing down and through the bars and land back in the supported position (still working on this I lose the pike about half way through the swing)

both moves fully depend on having a very strong pike/L sit