Saturday, May 19, 2007

Steve Gets 10 Muscle Ups/ Mike meets the GHD

Mike meets the GHD... three stages of back extensions are shown, level 1 is worked during the workout...

Steve comes by to set a PR and win an online competition. 10 Muscle ups..... Good Job steve!

Competition breeds success.... The reason for my own personal success in training is because I've always surrounded myself with very high calibre athletes. I in turn have been forced to keep up, and I'm sure they have felt the same way with me on some level.... This is a subconscious thing that will drive you to perform better than you have before, just to win. This is the reason the workouts are timed, this is the reason when someone tells you that they just did "fran" the first words out of your mouth should be what was your time?
Ive always been competitive this way, and when people tell me that they ran and or are running a marathon, my first words are "what was your time?" because as a competitive athlete you should intimately know what a poor/good/great performance is.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Fixing the butt wink!

That butt wink should be of concern because it indicates full flexion of the lumbar spine. Winking leads to disc problems. It is a dysfunction in the ability of the back muscles to activate at that range of motion which causes the winking. It is movement dysfunction and should be avoided.

So, how do we deal with it, that is the question. First of all only squat in the range that you don't wink. That way you will be training in a range of safety, proper function and grooving movement that is correct. Eventually, your range of motion will increase as your ability to do so correctly increases. Hamstring stretching may help, but you have to be careful with this because often hamstring tightness is a compensation for pelvic instability and stretching can upset the apple cart. I don't take this approach but focus on lumbar muscle activation, strengthening and improving endurance.

1. Face down, Hip free position
2. Back board straight, that is place a ruler and contacts should be tail bone, between shoulders and back of your head. This posture will be kept - at all times- throughout the movements.
3. Now you are ready to begin. Drop down to a bent, at your hips (still with a board straight back) position, activate your low back muscles a little, and come back up to the point where your are straight, like standing. Hold it, 5 - 10 seconds, breath during the hold.
4. Return to the down position and come right back up. Absolutely no hanging around down there. This should provide a very short relaxation time for the muscles.
5. Repeat to fatigue.
6. Fatigue (this is important!) is low back pain, can't hold posture, pain somewhere else, excessive shaking, and the last is can't do it.
7. Don't increase the hold times, increase the reps. If you want to put on a bigger hurt, perform two forced exhales that last about 3-4 seconds each.
8. Finally, recognize signs of fatigue and respect them, highly.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

All My Rowdy Friends are coming over tonight!

Today's the Day of the 2nd Freebie WOD. I think I may have an unhealthy obsession with torturing myself and my friends, But now I extend myself beyond my direct friends to the new London Crossfit family.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Squat Therapy

Correcting squat form is one on the premiere issue's to deal with, when beginning crossfit. There are a number of great ways to do it. But the Best by far (in my mind) is burning out the muscles so that none are left except the hips to drive you to a standing position. Once your head and your ass are thinking together the whole squat thing begins to evolve. Remember, this is a foundational movement that should be constantly under heavy scrutiny and takes the average athlete 3-5yrs to develop... If you are not in athletic shape, expect delays on progress....
Flexibility in the squat is worked on by squatting, the bottom position of the squat is were the athlete begins to lose the lumbar curve. this will increase in a very short time of squatting with most athletes.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

GHD (Glute Ham Developer)

My virgin GHD WOD... wow they are so right that its a potent apparatus....

The WOD:
(4rds for time)
400m run
30 GHD hip extensions

hmmm looks easy... I came into this wod a bit cocky because back in the day I used to do hip extensions all the time with weight ect.... but never did I get on it sucking wind through my... you know.... makes a huge difference....
Anyways glad I bought it so far.... I bet I'm more glad tomorrow...

And if you haven't seen it yet the Video on the Main Crossfit site from yesterday is a must for all those Navy Seal wanna Be's....

Monday, May 14, 2007

Werewolves wanted!

Do what you can. Why try to reach an unobtainable goals on the first try. If I want a 400lbs bench press it would be crazy for me to try to do that on the first try. Making small goals on the way to a final goal is the way to achieve success. keeping yourself humble in the process will also help greatly. Eventually you'll be the person that people are killing themselves to try to keep up with, because you had to humble yourself.

Thurs 5pm Freebie WOD at my house, email me to RSVP so I can arrange equipment.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

sport is the practical output of crossfit

James climbs the rockwall at eastpark

As I further myself with crossfit I see vast improvements in my other hobbies (rock climbing) I have done no real grip specific training, but my grip is really taking off.... I'm sure that I have rope climb and Deadlifts to thank for that.
Obviously there is an element of skill/balance with climbing, but I think that this has improved via doing handstands, front flips ect... and other elements. I find that I have a better kinetic awareness and know what I'm capable of! I don't know if this is a testimony or what but rock climbing or anything for that matter is always more fun when you are better at it!