Wednesday, December 12, 2007

achieving the unobtainable

When you have reached your wildest goals, where do you go from there.
you may be in shock for a while that "holy shit I did that!!!"
If your below average performance is enough to make a mockery of even the best of athletes then what? if you Find a place where you are the best in the group of people, it means that you need to bring more skill to the table. There are always athletes that are better than you especially when we get to the sport specific plain. Challenge yourself to compete with that domain as well as others... re-establish goals and keep pushing forward in the same way. (Step by Step) Take a realistic look at yourself, and realizing that you will need to compete at a higher level is a very important choice to make during training progression. Surround yourself with the best and you will be the best. It's all to easy to hang around lazy people and become lazy with them.