Saturday, June 9, 2007

The running man

Ive decided that I'm going to keep up with my own advice again(setting training goals, and finding competitions), and I'm going to do a 5km race.... the difference between me running this and the average Sunday jogger is that I'm going to try for a top 10 finish, and to beat my best time of 18:10.... well see what I can do, And YES crossfit will be my tool to take me there, with a slight more focus on intensity that weight. After this I will find a goal to focus on strength.. suggestions welcome. Now all I gotta do is find the right race for me, but sooner than later.

hopefully they will have a nice prize for me to win... I guess it all depends on who shows up on the day!
Anyone that wants to run with me is welcome!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Fire Team Workout

Mike E watches and Mike M achieves new heights during the group workout!

The Fire team work out has many goals but the biggest thing for me is the responsibility of not letting your team mate down, and or besting what your team mate does. If your teammate feels like you are cheating the reps he/she will tell you!, and you will do the same with them. This is an excellent dynamic.

The groups WOD: (each person will do all exercises, and only one will work at a time)
30 V-snaps
5x 10sec Superman's
Farmers walk 100ft
50 Ball slam
40 ring push ups
100 squats
20 handstand push ups
30 box burpies
100m fireman's carry

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Mike's first Muscle-up

Mike has been training with me for anbout 3 months now and he has been getting good results, but havent had the rings available for alot of his WOD's.... here are the results....(like a seasoned pro)

Congradulations Mike the newest member of the London Muscle-up club

Watch out Steve he's coming for you (he did 3 on his first day)

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The triple extension

annie with an awsome display of explosive power!
triple extension: when ankle, knee and hips are all at full extension

This happens during a jump, an explosive lift, and in sport and life. If we cheat any part of the triple extension by not fully opening that joint,we are cheating our maximal potential. With vertical leap training its said that an athlete with increase aprox 10% or so based on technique alone, and will only be able to increase aprox 20% more with strength training. This is the reason why vertical leap is used to estimate athletic potential. A person with a large vertical leap should also be in turn be able to snatch a large load.
when the triple extension happens but with poor timing this will in turn look similar to when a "girl" throws a baseball its called a sequence error. with practice this timing issue should be worked out.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

when to double the fat???

4Block Meal: 4/4/4
4oz chicken (4 pro)
2 cups green beans (2 carb)
1 apple (2 carb)
4 Tbs avocado (4 fat)

and water with the meal!

Zone guidance:
a lot of people in the online community will recommend doubling the fat when you are hungry. This is an unacceptable answer for me because half the time they don't ask about body composition or performance. In the book and according to CF journal (#21) Fat is something that can be raised when body fat is low, or performance is getting higher (higher metabolism)
here are some of my insights from personal experience.

reasons for being hungry on the zone:
  • Poor estimates on any measurements (not enough food)
  • Skipped meals (not enough food)
  • Poor hydration (water retention is low on the zone, so heat and other factors may cause you to need more water than usual) hydrate early and often
  • Not enough protein
  • Not enough fat (when eating a very low fat or zero fat protein you must double fat blocks)
  • Activity level higher than calculated for level of blocks being eaten
  • some foods may not digest easily depending on your body. so you will in turn require more or you should avoid these types of foods in preference to something that will digest better.
post comments or your thoughts and experiences

Monday, June 4, 2007



I will be holding classes on Mondays from 6-7pm cost is $15/hr MIL/LEO/First responder Discount available. Class size will be limited to 5 people and the location of each weeks class may vary depending on the goals of the workouts. I am making a fixed schedule of topics that I will be discussing, but in military fashion we will be implementing the skills we practice in the WOD for the day.
Please come a few min early if you haven't signed a waiver yet.

For new people to crossfit and my sessions I would Like a one on one session with you to asses your physical limitations and discuss goals etc. , ideally before coming to the group class (This IS a FREE consult) call me and set it up.

The Crossfit workouts are scalable to ALL levels of fitness, so please don't even think that you are not ready to start.