Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Post workout on monday!

The quest for perfection means that you will have to make some sacrifices to get yourself there. If perfection is a 400lbs deadlift, but your current state is a 100lbs deadlift, continually trying to lift 400lbs is way beyond your means. Taking small gradual steps to get to your goal, and being honest with yourself will be the best thing for long term success.

I have been hunting for my first location and I've quickly realized that perfection isn't going to happen. I'm fairly sure that I'm going to have a 90% solution. I've decided that a 90% solution now is better than looking for something that doesn't exist. I will give everyone an update when I know more.

I want to know what your looking for in YOUR gym.

Post personal fitness priorities, and times that you would like to train. feel free to post anonymously, the more that post the more I will have to work with.

I'm looking at making different classes based on fitness ability, so there will be a crossfit test to make it into each new level. thoughts????



Michael Murphy said...

It would be nice if you found a gym on a major bus route (eg. 2, 13, 4) or close to downtown. I would like to train in the mornings maybe starting at 7 or 8am but evening are ok to. A priority to me is the Olympic lifts ie. bumper plates.

Here are my thoughts on a possible testing system.


A) Clean and snatch ability

B) Rowing for Watts

C) Tabata score


E) Run 800m / 21 thrusters (75#/45#) / 21 pullups for time

F) Random Task Hopper

To move from Level 1 (beginner) to Level 2 (Novice):

A) Just show proper form with 45#/20# bar
B) Your own BW in Watts for 1-2 min
C) Squat / pushups / situps / pull-ups with score: 20 (from lowest)
D) Novice Level
E) 8min
F) Perform the random task to adequate capacity + 5 Kipping Pullups

To move from Level 2 (Novice) – Level 3 (intermediate):

A) (95#/65#) Isabel in 4min
B) BW + 50% in Watts for 3min
C) score: 35
D) Intermediate Level
E) 6:30
F) perform the random task to adequate capacity + 1min Handstand hold + 10sec L-sit

To move from Level 3 (intermediate) to Level 4 (advanced):

A) Isabel / Grace/ Elizabeth times
B) BW + 100% or 150% for 5min
C) score: 55
D) Intermediate Level two above your weight
E) 5:45
F) perform the random task to adequate capacity + 1 Muscle-up + 1 Handstand Pushup + 30 sec L-sit

Once you are Level 3 (intermediate) you should be able to attempt most if not all WODs

Level 4 (advanced) could be implemented if you get a bigger client base or start offering more classes

Steve's Garage Gym said...

Well thought out. Some tweaking but a very clear start. Bus route not too important. As a majority of people who can afford the price of classes and one on one probably have a car. So parking would be important.

Tony Ondrovcik said...

I agree w/ Steve. Parking is a big one. I also agree w/ Mike. Right now I have a big interest in the lifts. I have also incorporated hand balancing into my practice time after workouts. Not very good yet so I am big on progression work and fundamentals. Maybe a fundamentals class for lifts/gymanstics. Progressions. That kind of thing. Not sure if you would want to do a class on it or just do that solo, as for the actual workouts I can see myself participating once in a while but not a main focus. Hope this helps.

johnplayer said...

its nice post & picture of gym.