Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Crossfit Birthday parties

Yesterday we had our first crossfit birthday party. Brad turned an undisclosed age. So we conducted a regular WOD and then after a brief time period he was presented with the birthday challenge.
Brads birthday challenge:
Row 500m for time
rest time = time for first 500m
repeat for a total of 4 rds
calculate the total difference in seconds and that number should be less than your age. for example:
rd 1) 1:41
rd 2) 1:47 (difference 6 seconds)

add total difference from initial pull.... and don't sandbag the first pull its a max effort.

I think even though a birthday is just another day, mentally it can be significant. So people make a big deal, and others not so much.
I typically am reflective of the past year on my birthday more so than on new years.
for the past 4 years i have run my age in km's I don't take a watch, or any electronic device... just use it as reflective time, but usually i giver

Happy birthday Brad

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