Monday, June 25, 2007

cashews are cheaper when you call them soy nuts

As the week runs down I occasionally have to go to the store to get a few fresh things that I go through faster than others. I go to the cash and the nice girl rings the cashews as Soy nuts I didn't notice while paying, but after because I'm tracking costs of my zoning. (6.99 cashews vs 2.99 soy nuts)
This happens to me every once in a while, girls will gift me things when they work at a cash. Sometimes in the form of discount with a wink, and sometimes in the miss charging of items... Now I could be skeptical and say it was just an error, but the way that we eye F****d and the way she molested my hand as she returned the cash says discount....

Comments? stories.... I would love to do some form of an experiment, but we could never get decisive information.. (it reminds me of the honking during long runs from when me and Chris were training for the death march...)

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Anonymous said...

Oh to be single again....enjoy