Thursday, August 16, 2007

correlates of success

correlates of success:
Many people will talk about losing bodyfat, lowering blood pressure , increasing VO2 Max, and many more things.
Steve began training with me at the beginning of the year and has made great progress. He weighed 196lbs at the time and was simple to exhaust. Just this past weak he told me that before the military fitness test (before Crossfitting) his blood pressure was high enough that they wouldnt let him do the express test without seeing the doctor first. He was approved and still was able to be pass at an exempt level on the test. Steve recently came to me and amongst all other things that have changed in his life since beginning he told me that his resting hear rate was down 20 beat/min and blood pressure was in the normal range.

Steve is currently in the 170lbs range (you do the math)

moral to the story:
Steve and I talked very briefly about losing body fat, but the main goal was to make Steve a capable athlete. In the making of a capable athlete Steve has lost bodyfat, lowered blood pressure, decreased resting heart rate, and I'm sure his VO2 max would be off the charts in comparison to before. Spending time focused on technique during the workouts, diet during the recovery/daily basis and hydrating properly will go far further than wasting time thinking about these correlates of success.

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