Monday, September 24, 2007

Modified workouts

When doing a crossfit workout in the beginning of my own personal training I was demolished within seconds of starting quite a few of them. I quickly learned that I will need to scale down the weight and or type of movement I will be doing.

Lessons learned:
1.) when scaling down the weight/movement alternate from doing a heavy day to intensity day. There is a reason the loads are the loads for crossfit. So for example even though it will take you an extra 5 mins to do the workout add that weight to push your strength to a new level. If lung power is the problem and you find you have to always do less reps to get through something, then make sure to do all the reps regardless of time.
2.) Read the FAQ's on the main crossfit site to see adequate substitutions, Use Brand X modified workouts to give you an idea of where your at... feel free to mix and match based on ability.
Brand X modified workouts

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