Thursday, September 27, 2007

9 O'Clock Chickens

I'm not sure if every store does this or not but, I like the rotisserie chickens that sell for $9-10 that taste ohh so good and are already cooked for you. (because I'm too lazy to cook a whole chicken)

Anyways at 8:59 they are regular price, but in my store that closes at 10pm at 9:00pm they are $4.50.... I don't even have more than 4oz of it when its hot anyways. what a deal!
I get home and strip the chicken of its skin and then split it into its 4 and 2 block portions. this takes only a min or 2 with a nice digital scale and a tare feature on it. And at 50% savings it taste so much better.

of course this doesn't happen every day(because they all sell before then), but I've been able to get a 9 o'clock chicken on Fridays pretty regularly.

who said prepared food has to be pricey!

stripped from the bone I got 26oz from mine


Orion said...

Shit, is the meat all dried out or is it quality?

Coach D said...

nope they are juicy, it's just because the store is closing in an hour and they sell them or trash them. they don't put the chickens out until about 2pm, but I know they cook more at dinner time because they sell like crazy.