Sunday, September 16, 2007

Power Breakfast

just for the guys and girls out there that are having a tough time thinking outside the box for a breakfast idea. here it is!

Rob wolf gave me an idea...

"Do y’all remember when Wilford Brimley was the spokesman for Oatmeal? Well…now he is a spokesman for diabetes supplies! All kidding aside, the question of breakfast, particularly oatmeal and the like is a constant, wearing down of our soul. Here is a simple experiment: Have a breakfast consisting of 3-4 scrambled eggs with spinach, olive oil and whatever spices you might want. See how you feel 4-5 hours later. The next morning have a bowl of oatmeal. Kick up your heals and add a banana, some brown sugar or some dried fruit. How ya feeling 5hrs later today tiger? If you do not have rock solid blood sugar for a 4-6 hour period after a meal you are taking in too many carbs and consequently releasing too much insulin. No worries though, Mr. Brimley can hook you up with extra insulin once you pancreas gives out." - Robb Wolf

there are different types of oatmeal, but its the quantity you eat and aswell the type.

here is my 4 block spinach N' egg special.... blows away my regular breakfast!

3 whole eggs
1 oz Cheese
4cups fresh spinach
1 cup sliced tomato
1 apple
spray on oil for frying pan
12 almonds

1 apple on the side

this is a 4 block meal with a little more than double fat quantities

fry up the fresh spinach until its all shriveled up
add tomatoes and cheese sliced
and mix eggs into it last stir it up, cook until eggs are ready.

feta cheese would rock this meal to a new level I'm sure!

POST YOUR BEST ZONE MEAL TO COMMENTS.... rate it on performance and flavour


Mike M said...

(2 servings)

4 eggs
3oz feta
2oz sliced ham
1.5 cups mushrooms
top with salsa (~1/4 cup)

added some walnuts, and an apple to round things out.

Tasted delicious... 2hrs later still going strong and I'm wide awake!

Coach D said...

mike m
you've mixed up the count a bit

4 eggs = 0/4/4
3oz feta = 0/2/0
2oz ham = 0/2/0

1.5c mushrooms = .5/0/0
1/4 c salsa = .5/0/0
apple = 2/0/0

total block count = 3/8/4+ walnuts

so to readjust i would go
2 eggs
1.5oz feta
1oz ham
1.5 cups mushrooms
1/2 cup salsa
1 apple
4 walnut half's

new count 4/4/4

Mike M said...

Sorry, Coach D

Should have written it more clearly (was trying to go off memory), I only had 1/2 of it

From my notes:

my half
2 eggs 0/2/2
1.5 oz feta 0/1/0
1 oz ham 0/1/0
1.5 cups mushroom 0.5/0/0 (only on my half)
1/4 cup salsa 0.5/0/0
2 tbs ketchup (forgot this one) 1/0/0
1 apple 2/0/0
6 walnuts 0/0/2 (assumed 3 = 1 fat)

total 4/4/4

I wasn't really sure about the walnuts thanks for the update now I know to only have 2per block.

Steve's CrossFit Experience said...

Can you come to my place and cook for me? That dinner looks tasty.