Friday, September 7, 2007

Extra energy

Many athletes will have a new found surplus of energy because they aren't used to doing short and intense workouts... Part of this is not giving 100% during the workout....(something that takes a mental toughness most don't have) and the other is that they are simply used to doing things for a long duration of time.

Post work out energy: should and will be used to stretch!, do skill work, plan out your next workouts.

Especially when zoning this can be a factor, I find myself in a state of constant readiness. I'm willing to take on next to any task.

I'm going to tell you a secret right now!... You don't get stronger during the workout. It's the recovery process thats the magic time. So if you don't allow time to recover, you don't get better. For example a person that basically masturbates in the gym for 30-45mins 3 times a week with a proper diet and good sleep pattern, can perform better than a 5 day a week hard worker with a sleep issue and a poor diet.

Food will put you at a state of readiness... being prepared for the unknown is an awesome feeling.

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Mike said...

Come on coach...we miss your posts

Mike M said...

Did an Ultimate tourny this weekend, tried painfully hard to stick to the zone (always eating at restaurants/ fast food joints - went by there nutritional facts sheet). I must say that I didn't feel hungry at all and always had constant energy. I still feel extremely sore from all the running but from an energy perspective I feel great.