Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The skeptic

On the weekend I was talking with Tony Budding the crossfit media guy. He had mentioned when we were talking about Olympic lifts, that he out lifts Greg Amunston (who we all know to be imortal) by up to 40% on all lifts but deadlift, But even on heavy lifting CF workouts Greg will out perform Tony. (by 12 mins on Linda is what he said I think)
If Mark Rippetoe was asked he would tell you that an increase in max dead lift will make you better at what you do. For example a bicyclist would get faster because each spin is a smaller % of the work done in a deadlift. This is true, but to a point. For the novice athlete any gain in strength will assist, but when we move beyond a certain point of strength we are sacrificing other skills.

The lesson learned here is that heavy strength days are important part of our training, but absolute strength doesn't not equal absolute dominance. Crossfit defines fitness as the practical application of power across broad and modal time domains. So when Tony can out perform on single rep maxes, and Greg can and does outperform in all other ranges, who has the practical output of power?

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