Thursday, October 25, 2007

O-zone review

WOD: the 400m is run together and everyone is working in pairs, only one athlete works at a time each athlete does all 50 reps
Run 400m
50 wallball
50 KB swings
50 pushups
50 box jumps
run 400 m

The Ozone is a organic fast food place located @ 1426 fanshawe park rd close to fanshawe park rd and hyde park rd.

Their logo is real food fast. Upon entering the store there is natural wood tables and cabinets, with bright orange accent on the wall, the free standing chairs were transparent orange as well.. I found this quite distracting, and also plastic just goes against the feel of what I think they are trying to create. The feel of the crowd in the restaurant was that of the star bucks yuppie crowd. I am very anti-starbucks because A) I dont drink coffee and B) I think its a big giant corporation that makes passive moves to appear to be earth friendly to attract the un-educated donations and gain patronage of the customer that has more money than brains.

The only reason I went was because I saw a $2 of a combo coupon in the house and thought i would try, also curious as to how expensive it could be that they can knock $2 of the price.

the order: $6.99 1/4lb burger combo
1/4lbs burger
with spinach salad
and juice box to drink (250ml)

the burger gets dressed the way you like it, but the toppings were a little meager and the "organic" Hienz catchup made me laugh. 1/4 lbs cooked is the right portion but not enough protein when weighed raw for 4 blocks. you do get your choice of whole wheat or white bun though... flavor of the burger was not bad... i would rather a hand made patty if i have to wait for it.
they had 2 or three types of fries and 3 types of salad ( ceasar, greek, spinach)
the had 4-5 types of dressing which all looked to me to be sugar shots. The spinach salad i had was so sad, it was just leaves with maybe 1 1/2 mushrooms cut on top of it. so the sweet salad dressing made up for lack of content.
then we get to drink options... fountain pop or organic drink box.... i don't do pop, so i goto the drink boxes to find no less than 26grams of sugar in one box (I think I would rather have a kitkat at 22grams of sugar)

they took the order correctly and had a clean shop, but going to a "fast food" place I expect my food to be near instantly ready not to take my name and have a seat and then be called up when its ready... I consider this un-acceptable in this type of industry, I'm already sacrificing my health (shortening my life) why do I have to give you my time too!

Basically I think its sad that people would come to a place like this and think that it would be possibly a weight loss option, or that this will change their life in some significant way. Although I do beleive in organic products I don't beleive in organic pricing. When you buy organics at a farmers market they are usually equal prices, because its coming direct from the farmer. when it has this mass market name attached to it, people hold false value in the product. This is similar to paying more money to live closer to your neighbor. The fact is, that most food in the grocery store today, when tested would meet organic testing requirements, but the farmer has simply not paid to have the "organic certification" put on his food. Most farmer don't make more money selling organics, and haven't used the bad pesticides in years anyways. 10yrs pesticide free is organic.

Overall rating 2.5/5
they did have some healthy options, but the foods flavor was pretty weak overall. Doesn't organic culture boast better flavor? Sugars are available in almost all products given from them. and they make no real effort to be part of the healthy earth lifestyle that I would attach the word organic to. salad portion was small and lacked in vegetable variety. over priced!

remember organic just means pesticide free not necessarily healthy!

Meats and vegetables
Nuts and Seeds
Some fruit
Little Starch

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