Wednesday, November 21, 2007

getting to a distance goal!

Me running the Bataan Death March in March of 2004. 43km with rucksack in New Mexico (500ft of elevation during the race, and 2 miles of loose sand) Read more about the race at

As of recently my fitness spirit has led me to obtaining a great 500m rowing time. (1:30... currently I'm at 1:34.8) There are many ways to train for a goal, but sometimes the way you track something or time it, can change the way you think.

for example
Standard: the way in which most people will time an even. Press Start and GO and then move and press stop when complete. this gives you an idea of how much longer than your goal it takes you.

Reverse: If you have a goal time this will give you a better example as to how much time you have left to complete the task. Set time to goal time and watch those seconds disappear. Track how far you have left and close that distance. (excellent on the track and dead simple on the rower)

Pace: If you have the luxury of running with someone that can make your goal time, give it a try and see how long you last. On the rower set your pace boat and try to keep up!

With all distance training, even sprints there is a method to the madness. They are tactical events and should be treated at such. Even though you have me beat from the line I will have more energy to pass you at the end. Negative splits, meaning that the second portion of the race is ran/rowed whatever faster than the first. This strategy will lead to drastic time improvements. Remember that the end of the race, is the important part to be ahead at.


Tony Ondrovcik said...

I'm really enjoying the articles Dave. Good Job.

Michael Murphy said...

great examples. The a couple weeks ago I ran the mile at my pace in 7:37 I was hoping to make 7min the other day I set the treadmill (2% incline) to a 7min pace for the first 3 1/2 laps and then pushed it and managed a 6:52. I've really found doing intervals at paces way faster than I would normally go ie. 5 x 400m at a 6:30 mile (or 1:37 / 400m) pace really pushes you to get used to going faster! especially since the last lap or 2 are almost impossible to keep up to. If you push yourself you can always take a little bit more out of the tank and take a little bit more off your time.

Again! Faster!