Monday, November 19, 2007

Put yourself to the test!

Mixing testing weeks into your training can be a realistic wake up call. Many crossfitters use the crossfit north fitness standards sheet. This is a very interesting read and has been a great challenge for me to overcome my one dimensional athletic skills. The best part about being conscious of your short comings is that you can adjust your training to overcome these.

An example of this is that many people will feel that strength is their weakness and will add more strength days into their training (1 out of 3 days will be heavy lifting)
This strategy can be used for sport/works specific goals.

A big part of the testing is the attitude of setting personal records and not just saying I know I can do this or that. Do it.... and set a record! DON'T CHEAT YOURSELF

Fitness skills test sheet

Good luck, and feel free to post or tell me your results.
Set new goals based on test results!!!!!!!

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Steve's Garage Gym said...

Very interesting post. Have enjoyed that last few you have posted.