Tuesday, November 13, 2007


There are many books on many subjects, many of which get lost in form rather than function. With crossfit training it can be difficult to seek out "expert" advice from specialist trainers. When talking with an Olympic lifting coach, the typical response to crossfit is that its interesting and has good principles but will ultimately slow the progress that one would make Olympic Lifting. YES it will but the sacrifices made by not training in one domain of fitness, allows the crossfit athlete to be better at all other domains than the one dimensional athlete. Making you ready for the unknowable task and making daily life, combat, and sporting an easier experience.

How do I interpret what I read. There are basic principles that crossfit follows. When a specialist info breaks these rules (for example to increase a maximal deadlift typically a powerlifter will widen the foot stance to shorten the distance the weight travels) this breaks 2 rules 1.) increase ROM 2.) athletic position is somewhere between hip and shoulder position for the feet, this is where we jump and run from, and we should also train from.
the goals are different. The power lifter just wants more Lbs lifted when the crossfitter wants more strength and more strength will be made , by increasing the work load .

Many times we will take the form from the expert or high performance athlete in that genre of sport. We will take the spirit of their best workouts , and then add crossfit principles by increasing the ROM and increasing the intensity.... the effect tend to be quite dramatic.

I personally have done 21-15-9 years before crossfit was around Greg Glassman did not invent that. What he did do, was remove the expectation of rest, making this dramatically different.

he also made up pukie the clown!

books that are well received in the crossfit world.

-Starting Strength - Mark Rippetoe and Lon Kilgore
-Gymnastics and Tumbling - United States Navy (1944) review available on crossfit.com, in the free journals section
-Entering the Zone - Dr.Barry Sears

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