Monday, April 16, 2007

Reality Check

"The modern fitness industries concept of "toning" muscles is specious- it might sound cool, but lacks any tangible and definable meaning. The term "muscle tone"or tonus describes an electrophysiological phenomenon, a measure of ionic flow across muscle cell membranes. It can be thought as of a muscles readiness to do anaerobic work. The more fit the muscle, the more electrophysiological activity it exhibits at rest. Lack of exercises leads to poor tone, aerobic exercise improves tone a little bit, low intensity weight training improves tone more, high intensity training improves tone the fastest. As a test go poke the traps of quads of an elite weightlifter at rest, they'll be hard as a rock, the same muscles of an elite cyclist at rest will be firm, then compare them to a person that's sedentary.." the results will speak for themselves...
"if tone is the goal, strength is the method"
-Practical programming for strength training

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sean said...

...she kept asking me if that was a gun in my pocket, but I just kept telling her, "no baby, I'm just really well toned"