Thursday, May 31, 2007

Breading werewolves

Group workout: team WOD
1 single rd no one rotates until everyone is done
Team time 18:16
50 Thrusters (30lbs)
50 box jumps (20")
100 single unders skipping
50 Kettlebell swings (1 pood)
50 situps
50 deadlifts (95lbs)

The motivation to not be the last one during the workout is just excellent! I love it.

Full Moon Tonight
Steve and I will be doing the werewolf WOD
50 squats
400m carrying a 45lbs plate (any way)
50 push-ups
400m carrying 2x35lbs plates (any way)
50 tuck jumps
400m carrying 100lbs plate any way
50 squats

Werewolves are beast so no substitutions are allowed! The distance is 450m because either the city planner that made my block made it 450m..or we are beasts, one of the two.
This wod is from now on ONLY allowed to be performed under FULL MOON!


Orion said...

Beasts! The lot of you...

Michael said...

i am looking forward to Jan 22, 2008 the "wolf" moon.