Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Importance of a very strong L sit

I'm just now learning that almost every single gymnastic move is bases somehow from the L sit, and now that my L sit is getting stronger than before. I can do more tricks/moves whatever you want to call them. Having the ability to contract those muscles and hold them against your own body weight started out as a near impossible task for me, and now I sit for about 10 sec cleanly... a very big improvement for me.
The new trick on the rings was L seat press to handstand
the new trick on the parallel bar I think was called a basket in the back part of a swing get into a full pike and swing down and through the bars and land back in the supported position (still working on this I lose the pike about half way through the swing)

both moves fully depend on having a very strong pike/L sit

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Good Shit Dave-0