Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Fight Gone Bad (modified)

today was the first group workout!
I chose Fight Gone bad, which consists of 3x5min rds with 5 exercises each are done for one min
  • wallball 10lbs @10ft (sub)
  • Deadlift highpull 75lbs
  • Boxjump 20"
  • Pushpress 75lbs
  • Skipping (5 single unders, or 2 DU's are one point) (sub)
all are counted by reps except the last...

Great effort by all results are posted on Facebook...along with more pics (feel free to tag them up!) in the London Crossfitters group!
PS I was not planning on doing the WOD today at all.... but felt the group pressure to do it!! thanks guys....

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