Friday, May 25, 2007

Group Workout

During the Hour of free workout its imperative that you show up on time. To pack knowledge based training and a workout in an hour means constant movement throughout the hour. Similar to any classroom environment I want to see success in the movements before testing them in a workout. The workouts are very short and very intense but still require prep. It will take months before you are comfortable with all the movements used in the workouts. This still doesn't mean that you have mastered them either. I will make no claims of your successes because that's self driven, and you can look to my dedicated athletes and see how they are. I promise that the dedicated athletes show up on time and ready to learn (or even early). It will take you 3-5 yrs to maximize the potential of your hips, similarly the same time to develop a great squat.
Sorry no 6 second abs!
but I can do 4 minute legs....

enjoy the feeling of fatigue after your first WOD. remember your time and come back to it.... Steve shaved 7mins+ off his original time and we all saw him wearing a flak jacket (15lbs I think) that is a very definitive statement.

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