Monday, May 21, 2007

preparing for the unknowable

preparing for the unknowable is something that has really interested me with crossfit. I have done new activities since beginning CF and seen greater improvements in myself than others around me, and that's great. Yesterday I did something I haven't done in a while, when I got up I decided I was going to run to get my car because I was out the night before. I decided I wouldn't measure the distance, but I knew approx distance. I called Oscar and told him I was leaving (the car was at his place) and I ran there, with the goal of doing it very fast.

This time puts me in line with /very close to some of my peak distance runs. This was my first run of over 800m in 3 months!.... I am blown away at the results, and with the way i felt, I felt like i could have pounded out a 3:30 marathon....

tools to use in training: telling a friend or better yet multiple friends that your doing something makes you accountable for your actions. (calling oscar)
when racing I always had 3 goals 1.) complete the race, 2.)a completion time, 3.) place finish
I believe all three of these apply to crossfit workouts, and life...

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Steve's CrossFit Experience said...

nice job. A constant inspiration.