Friday, August 31, 2007

Adding explosiveness to your bodyweight excersizes

When doing bodyweight routines there is an endless amount of leverage we can put against our body when lifting/moving it.
To make something easier we limit the range of motion of the bodyweight exercise. (for example doing "girl" push ups in stead of having a full body extension.) This makes the lever or the force put against out arms significantly less.

To make it much more challenging we need to start by having a feeling of weightlessness during the movements and then actually become airborne during a movement. (for example during a clapping push up you are required to produce much more force to get that extra 6 inches of movement in the push up without any further pushing) the clapping is just a hand speed thing.

similar to the explosive lifts the way you create the force needs to be calculated, and thought about. Just like a deadlift, powerclean, or even muscleup. The force you create needs to be getting faster and harder as the movement goes into full extension. If you explode right from the ground although you may still lift from the ground you will have wasted most of your acceleration during the portion that you should have still been pushing, But on the other hand if you begin pushing slowly and get faster and faster throughout the movement until the fastest point of just leaving the ground you will have maximum height in which you can clap your self silly.

Similar to doing a sprint workout (which is a standing equivalent) you must make sure you are properly warmed up before doing explosive work, this typically means doing the same activity at a slower speed, and completing full range of motion movements (or form work) before hand.

To give example almost any exercise can be made explosive:
pullups---- clapping pullups
squats----- jumping squats
situps------ V-snaps
and the list goes on....

As a general guideline you should have the basic movement mastered before you add explosiveness to it. because the catch position can be dangerous for an athlete without the muscular power to contract and catch their full bodyweight.

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