Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Performance eating seminar

Coach D will be guiding all levels of athletes to maximize their potential through eating healthy. Using "Zone" principles to achieve goals. The zone diet is a life style diet, if you need to gain weight you will gain, if you need to loose you will loose, those with a health body composition will set new personal records in all aspects of fitness.
In 2.5hrs you will cover things such as reasons to choose the zone or any meal plan, GI, different levels of commitment to meal plans, weighing and measuring for your body, making a weekly meal plan, selection of foods, grocery shopping, fitness and nutrition and much more.... to finish with actually preparing a days worth of food for coach!

Cost $40

Limit 10 people (If you confirm and don't show up, you will be expected to pay the next time you come to train... zero tolerance) first come first serve!

RSVP with Coach D Directly by email/phone/facebook

Nicole Carroll's zone experience:

I never thought what I ate mattered. I was thin and muscular. My athletic performance was decent. I generally felt pretty healthy and happy. So I was skeptical about diet having any kind of real impact on anything. For my whole life I had been eating a lot of whatever the hell I wanted and seemed to be doing just fine. But I did have a sense that this wasn’t true for everyone and that as a trainer, people would be asking me questions about nutrition and diet. I knew CrossFit prescribed the Zone diet so I bought the books, read them, got my measly block prescription and tried the diet. The deal I made with myself was that for two weeks I would weigh and measure precisely. If after two weeks I wanted to go back to eating the way I was before I could. No guilt, just an experiment.

Four weeks into the Zone diet, I was stronger and faster than I had ever been. I had lost fat and gained muscle. My benchmark workout times decreased, and my pull-up numbers increased. I hit PRs in deadlift, back squat, and push jerk. I had more energy, recovered more quickly, and could push harder more often.


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Mike said...

I've attended Dave's seminar and had some one on one instruction and if you've never been exposed to this program you should seriously consider it.... It's money well spent if you follow the advice.