Monday, August 27, 2007

heavy lift prescription

heavy lift prescription:

this is a prescription for a 5-5-5-5-5 strength workout
the first 5 sets are all warm up sets do weight almost as quickly as one can rack weight on the bar (except last set)
last warm up set and work set (5x5) take 2-3 mins between sets (as you become a stronger lifter reaching the intermediate advanced and elite level you will require more time for maximal lifts)

if the movements are new don't go for your 100% max on day one use some time to develop form.
use the warm-up to determine how much your going to lift if you don't already know.
take small jumps in weight in movements as to not reach a plateau small jumps will allow you to slowly gain more strength needed to add additional weight.

% of goal weight to lift
weight ---Reps-- Sets
45lbs -----5------ 2
40% ------5------ 1
60% ------3------ 1
85% ------2 ------1
100% ----5 ------5

Strength days a very important part of crossfit training!

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