Saturday, August 25, 2007


Video is great for a laugh, but he is one of 5 men in the world able to close a number 4
also a champion arm wrestler who broke another strongmans arm with a spiral fracture during an arm wrestle (an amazing feat)

definitions: chopped and pasted from gripboard!

Crushing Grip - Closing difficult grippers
Pinch Grip - Lifting heavy things pinched between the finger and thumb
Thick Handles - Lifting heavy things by holding a thick handle
Bending - Bending nails or metal rods

Crush Strength and Grippers

The standard measure of crushing strength discussed is usually the ability to close Ironmind's "Captains of Crush" grippers. Closing the "#3" is a goal that many strive for, and takes a lot of training for most people to accomplish. There are a number of different gripper manufacturers,

Pinch Grip

Pinch grip is the grip used when we squeeze things between the thumb and the other fingers.

Thick Bar

In general, "thick bar" means lifting weights on bars at or over 2" in diameter. There are a number of variations - one or two hands, revolving or non-revolving bars, and thickness from 2" to 3", and smooth or knurled bars.


Bending generally means bending metal nails or section of rod into a U shape. There are a variety of techniques

Why have strong hands?
To lift any object your hands are always going to be involved. hands becoming fatigued is the reason most people cant lift heavier objects. (its not the legs that are tired, its the hands)
climbing to new heights as a rock climber, grip is the limitation.
doing the common uncommonly well, being that uncle that has a bone crushing hand shake!
doing repeated pullups or heavy deadlifts, grip is the limitation.
Strong wrists will be a side benefit of bone crushing strength. (allowing to support more weight for many movements)

How to get strong hands (and pain free)
This is the million dollar question. There are many different training aspects from doing crushes, and pinches and extensor work, so you wont get tendinitis. All of which need to be built evenly. The hand by its nature is always making multi-joint movements, but these movements mainly overworking crush grip can expose you to some risk of tendinitis. feel free to mix up the grip training in a similar way we run the benchmark girls with no real rhyme or reason except that you haven't done something in a while (meant its time to do it)

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