Thursday, October 4, 2007

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In the past couple days I've been sick. I've been having trouble controlling body temperature and dealing with leftover doms as well as whole body achiness. I decided that having a contrast shower was out of the question I turned to something that I've done for quite some time and thought it might be useful for those to chicken to try the hot/cold routine.

Epsom Salts
Because of the high magnesium content, epsom salts bath can be helpful anytime you are suffering from achiness and muscle strain. It helps to clear out released and unused lactic acid
(lactic acid being a fuel for your muscles)

Epsom salts can be found at your local pharmacy/grocery store. Use 2-4 cups in a full bath (for a severe case of doms more is better), The temperature for the bath should be is hot as you can take it. you must soak in the bath for a min of 20 mins (severe doms 30 mins +) without adding any bath solutions or oils or soap, as these will change the chemistry of the water. After the time is up wash or rinse as you please.

lets all remember that we don't get stronger during the workout, we get stronger as we recover. efficient recovery is very important.

I would say following the zone, sleeping a regular schedule and some form of recovery routine (epsom salts, contrast baths, stretching routines) far out weigh the power of many supplements on the market today.

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Orion said...

Brett Marshall Helen in 8:00

Josh Everett Helen in 7:29

James Fitzgerald (TOP CF'er) Helen in 7:47.

- The only time in between exercises was to transfer from treadmill to KB, then pullbar to tread. There were no real breaks in between, maybe if you count taking 3 controlled breaths between the last 400m and the last KB segment. All sets were unbroken up until the final KB / Pull segments.