Friday, August 10, 2007

2 rds of 7 movements
ring dips
glute ham situps
box jump
overhead squats
ball slam

scored by number of total reps during workout
winner Jeremy with a score of 465! (first group workout for him too)


Nick said...

Bwahaha... I've already beat you to one of your fitness goals. Let's just say it wasn't any of the Crossfit ones... Although if that's part of Crossfit, friggin sign me up!



Coach D said...

no Nick thats not a sexual thing... the benchmark "girls" are workouts!

Nick said...

I realize that now Dave. However, you can imagine how shocked I was when I read this:

" will do 50-30-10 reps rounds of Annie then I will finish 18 mins of Nicole then do 40-20 of Annie and then do one final round on Nicole regarless of time!"

Seemed like over-planning to me :P

It's cool that all these workouts have names. Although I was on Steve's blog and that Painstorm one made me want to cry just reading it. It's a good name for it though, I'm glad they didn't call it like... Barbie. Cuz that would be VERY DECEPTIVE.