Saturday, May 19, 2007

Steve Gets 10 Muscle Ups/ Mike meets the GHD

Mike meets the GHD... three stages of back extensions are shown, level 1 is worked during the workout...

Steve comes by to set a PR and win an online competition. 10 Muscle ups..... Good Job steve!

Competition breeds success.... The reason for my own personal success in training is because I've always surrounded myself with very high calibre athletes. I in turn have been forced to keep up, and I'm sure they have felt the same way with me on some level.... This is a subconscious thing that will drive you to perform better than you have before, just to win. This is the reason the workouts are timed, this is the reason when someone tells you that they just did "fran" the first words out of your mouth should be what was your time?
Ive always been competitive this way, and when people tell me that they ran and or are running a marathon, my first words are "what was your time?" because as a competitive athlete you should intimately know what a poor/good/great performance is.