Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Girevik

Kyle forcing his back as straiht as possible in the bottom of a swing!

Russian Kettlebell Certification requirements:

as a part of a 3 day RKC course with Pavel himself, there are 3 tests that are done, one at the end of each days training. Here are the requirements for the most difficult test... for my weightclass I would be required to do a total of 56 one arm KB snatches with a 24kg kettlebell. The total number can be any combination of right hand of left hand to add to 56 and the rules are very tight for whats counted.....
Pavel I'm impressed, a man after my own heart believes that a good coach should have the skill to acomplish a task that he is asking his athletes to do. (or at the very least have done it in the past)

RULES Copied from RKC website:

The girevik picks up the kettlebell, swings it back between the legs, and snatches it overhead in one uninterrupted movement to a straight-arm lockout. If you have a medical restriction that prevents you from fully locking out your elbow you must notify the Chief Instructor during the course. Poor flexibility does NOT qualify as a medical restriction.

After fixing the kettlebell in the top position for one second, the girevik lowers the kettlebell between the legs in one uninterrupted motion without touching the chest or shoulder.

The snatch may be performed with or without a knee dip at the overhead lockout. The girevik is allowed to place the free hand on the hip or waist (but not on the thigh) and move the feet. However, the competitor must stop all movement when fixing the weight in the top position.

On each attempt, the judge will announce the repetition number or “No count.” A repetition is not registered if the competitor failed to lock out his elbow, pressed out the kettlebell to the finish, or touched the platform with a knee or free hand. If the student lets go of the kettlebell, stops to rest with the kettlebell anywhere but in the overhead lockout, leaves the platform, or makes more than one extra swing back when switching hands, the attempt is terminated.

The snatch is first performed with one arm, then, without stopping or resting, with the other. One additional swing back between the legs is allowed when switching hands.

When the competitor has quit, failed to make three attempts in a row, or committed any rule violation warranting termination of the set, the judge commands “Stop” and announces the number of properly performed repetitions.

The sum of both arms is scored, e.g. 25+25 =50, 30+20=50, etc.

Chalk is allowed; belts, wrist wraps and other supportive equipment are not.


1-Arm Snatch Requirements
Weight Class kg/lbs.) Snatches, total L+R
60 / 132 32
65 / 143 38
70 / 154 48
75 / 165 52
80 / 176 56
90 / 198 64
90+ / 198+ 74
24kg Kettlebell

MEN'S MASTERS (50+ years old)

1-Arm Snatch Requirements
Weight Class kg/lbs.) Snatches, total L+R
60 / 132 24
65 / 143 28
70 / 154 32
75 / 165 38
80 / 176 48
90 / 198 52
90+ / 198+ 56
24kg Kettlebell

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