Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Office Space inspiration!

So, you should ask yourself, with every decision you make, "Is This Good for the COMPANY?"

Just Like Bill Lumburg said.... you should ask yourself with every decision you make is this better for my performance!... and Friday will be Hawaiian shirt day so you can wear a Hawaiian shirt and jeans to the office if you like!

I'm making light of the fact but this is the same as the sickness/wellness/fitness model that Greg Glassman had created, where everything in your life can be factored into this chart and if they don't add of to a number beyond wellness that you are on a downhill and the more your on your way to fitness the fitter you will get.. So simple

Homework: take and honest look at your own life and think about the factors that are not on the side of fitness and wellness and make a simple repeatable plan to change at least on of those things... build on your success!

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