Thursday, June 14, 2007

training "daring"

Dave working on his man lifting skills by squating his partner from the ground into a complete standing balanced position (un-assisted)

"The Objectives of the Naval Aviation Gymnastic and Tumbling Program to be achieved through tumbling (falling), vaulting, climbing, balancing, and apparatus stunts (supporting and hanging) are:
  1. To give training a native sence of balance
  2. To equip the future pilot with strength and skill to extricate himself effectively from emergency situations requiring climbing, vaulting, tumbling and balance
  3. To develop daring and courage
  4. To accustom the cadet to being upsidedown for extended periods
  5. To teach landing and falling without injury." -Gymnastics and Tumbling, United States Navy
I just love the wording of all of that even if it was for the navy they have a whole chapter for paratroopers. These goals are so perfect for anyone in the military/LEO, especially the daring. I've noticed a new found love for trying new stunts and tricks with my new strength. Giving myself the ability to have the can do attitude rather than saying "I can never do that" is priceless to me.

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