Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Morning visitors

PM: the picture is the remains after the wod, Ive highlighted the 100lbs plate and blown it up for those with bad eye's (and to show off)
Did my first attempt at the werewolf, no fullmoon and no teeth, only a beard to get me through this.
to restate what the WOD is: (for time)
50 squats
400m carrying a 45lbs plate (any way)
50 push-ups
400m carrying 2x35lbs plates (any way)
50 tuck jumps
400m carrying 100lbs plate any way
50 squats

my time: 23:15

my advice.... grip is huge during the 35's I carried farmers style and had to drop like 3 times
the best way to keep momentum during the 45lbs, and the 100lbs seemed to be having the weight up on the back, note I think I will wear a shirt next time I had a bit of a rub mark on my back from the hole in the weight.

Note: around my block is 450m, and neighbors washing thier cars with me running with weights was hilarious, I'll never forget doing a wod at johns house i finish typical crossfit style by collapsing on the grass and some guy runs up to me and asks if I need medical assistance. I stare at him as if he's the idiot and say I just finished working out, but thanks!

Bench Press 1 rep max 240.... I'm ready to breath again
I thought it was 260 but i did bad math...

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Orion said...

Hilarious, amazing!

Can't wait.