Thursday, March 29, 2007

WOD with Oscar

Last night got access to a new level of crossfit... super cool, all the traininers for the upcoming cert and projects ect(secret site with login).... Added coach to my MSN
just when you think there is no more content, more comes at you. excited about the possibilities!

since everyone liked my rest day reflection, i'll actually put some effort into the next one....
Not sure you what the WOD's going to be yet, but I want to pick a good one, because I'm having a good day so far!
expect a pic of me and oscar soaked in sweat by 5pm

Oscar wimped out so I did weighted pullups,
1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 (max load)

decided to do some testing: to see how much closer I was to level 2 across the board...
did 30 V-snaps had a little left in me after
1/3 BW dip on rings
1/3 BW during weighted pull-ups

so as of right now I have fully obtained 7/19 level 2 or higher, I have 3 (1/2) obtained and 1(2/3) obtained.... some of these I have no recent record of doing and I will do all of these in the next while to see where i'm at.... getting very close!
so the math is I'm 47% on the way to meeting my goal.
and 39% of that remainder is untested...

heres a pic of me checking the records, and I tossed my CF certificate in with the pic just for fun. Tip: Always want MOR (Measurable, Observable, Repeatable)

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