Saturday, March 31, 2007

The focus of a year captured in a moment

continuing the testing stage...
  1. 45 reps of Thrusters 1/2 BW (87.5lbs)
  2. Deadlift 1 1/2 BW (262.lbs)
  3. military press 1/2 BW (87.5lbs)
  4. vertical jumps test (level 1 = 10', level 2= 18', level 3=25')
I think I can do 1,2,3 no prob. No idea if I will have 18' of vertical. It's all about the explosive hips.
If I get 3/4 I will be at 61% of my goal.... who knows what will turn out.
I know my L-sit and vertical will probably be the biggest issues.

I always have trouble picking a girl for a WOD, and I favour some of them more than others. I need to randomize my selection process, and here's how its going to happen.
I have a bunch of prostitute card from Vegas.... no need to expand on that. they all have girls on them and I even have one with 2 girls on it, I will make a chart that transfers the hooker name to a benchmark and I'm done. for example (Sugar = Fran) and the best part of this is that there is no chance the hooker names will overlap with the benchmark names...
now all i gotta do is shuffle, and split the deck!

what actually happened:
we went to the track and did 3x800m for time, rest time was equal to run time and during the rest i did 10 ring dips and oscar did 30 seconds of upright hold on the rings...
I'll push off the testing to another day!

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