Tuesday, April 10, 2007

18 days and 100 views, feel free to post!

I'm sure that about 20 or so of those are mine, when I come to post, but it seems like people are coming to look at my site.. even if I do put gross pics of my feet on it... sorry about that by the way. Thanks for all the msg's, even the one spelling police message.(I think that's pretty good for me)
Last night was gymnastics, and it was awesome because all the Students weren't there... It was me and maybe 4 other people.. so I had the run of the gym. I did my gymnastics conditioning day 1 and then went crazy for the rest of the time. Today was the first time I haven't felt sore all over from a gymnastics class, and Amber gave me a new exercise since I'm "hardcore" with the Vsnaps now... I didn't get a name for it but I'll call it a "Vsnap rollover"
I just looked on the gymnastics schedule and saw an invite only 3 hour intensive class, hmmm I'm going to inquire about that! Time to seek out the next level.

Did some skipping today and even 2 mins at a hard pace(of singles) is a challenge... gotta get those wrist a rocking....

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