Saturday, April 14, 2007

The path of greatest resistance

Doing the common uncommonly well, is the reason Ive added the weighted wheel barrel to the hill training, and I saw Chuck Liddell do it, I may have an unhealthy obsession with torturing myself and
I've learned via weighted ruck running that when I ran without weight, it was much easier!(simple physics again) This is a Crossfit principal if you ask me... people always ask, what or how to do something, and the answer is always the path of greatest resistance.
It only becomes fun when your better than others at it...

This is the reason the effect of 80% of the WOD's is collapsing on the ground and feeling sorry for yourself for a few mins before you get up.
First Day outside since the werewolf WOD loving the coming warm weather.

Ive been invited on a Parkour run... hmm tired from yesterday, but I think I'll do it... not going to take any risks on hurting myself.

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Orion said...

Great pics!

Training together this week is going to rule.