Thursday, April 12, 2007

physics lesson

49,824lbs in 4 mins is the math on me doing tabata squats at 18 reps(rest is counted as work so it's actually more because time is decreased)

ie: Work= force*distance/time

200lbs moving 2ft(aprox distance for 6ft tall person) by 20 reps repeated 8 times = 64,000lbs
200 X 2 X 20 X8 =64,000

divide number by 4 for lbs/min.... 64,000/4= 16,000lbs/min for 4 mins

Hill training with Steve and UFC run for me...
pics of 2 broken men soon to come

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Steve's CrossFit Experience said...

Thanks for the Hills. Killer! I will have to find a way to get you back. Lungs still not quite right!