Thursday, April 12, 2007


why 973... those are the magic numbers for the zone, lets move on from mindlessly following the chart and start reading labels.
9 grams Carbs, 7 grams Protein, 3 Grams Fat = 1 Block

we should be visually aware what serving sizes are now, I know I can cut a perfect ounce of cheese blindfolded

even though it's not shown I try to have a tall glass of water with each meal and snack, I believe this to be a major factor, because water is the number one supplement for your body and the zone lowers your overall water retention.(2x 2block snacks not shown)

Keeping myself honest during the tabata squats, I've placed a string with a ball on it at my max reach and force myself to touch it with alternating hands during the tabata reps, this ensures max hip extension (not cheating the top)
if you do this and your tabata number changes significantly you may want to look at yourself in the mirror and call yourself a cheater, because that's who your cheating (consciously or unconsciously)

PM:did an honest 18 tabata.... goal was 18 no extra squats... no time left after 3rd rd

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Thanks for wishing me luck man...