Monday, April 9, 2007

Since everyone is posting pics of hands I will post feet

(Pic from post Bataan Death March in 2004)
Ive learned a lot about failures from wear on my body from my feet. I've had every problem imaginable during the course of training for the Bataan death march (lost 8/10 toenails after that) ,the Ironman, and beyond, But since really breaking down and learning from mistakes, I believe I'm past the vast majority of my problems. here is my solutions that will parallel with hands.
Fitment: I changed my shoes and got orthotics causing less foot sliding in the shoes, preventing that sweat that builds and creates hot spot, blisters, and broken skin.
Preventative care: cutting nails properly(straight across this takes time and dedication), regularly and doing callus management with water soaking.

now this parallels with hands in respect to the preventative care.. look on beast skills and he shows removing callus with a butter knife... I'm more of a pommel stone kind of guy but to each his own. That guy is a gymnast and I have read all to often about gymnasts having to do this type of thing on a semi regular basis, we are doing gymnastics moves, so why not recover in a similar manor
2nd Grip on the bar, especially during the deadlift and the pull up
gripping to high on the bar will cause extra folding of palm skin, thus promoting callus development. Using the "hook grip" and starting by sliding your finger tips until the bar is in position rather than reaching over is my solution to avoiding the palm skin pinch. "put the bar where it's trying to go to, not where you think it needs to be."
other factors... does your bar have an excessive knurl... take a file to it and cut down the sharp edges
CHALK, CHALK, CHALK.... taking a few seconds during a WOD can avoid taking days off from a workout... the chalks purpose is to keep your hands dry, similar to foot powder on your feet (the army is famous for,and for good reason) if your hands sweat has over powered the chalk it's time to re-chalk.

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Steve's CrossFit Experience said...

nice feet! will do the push up max later this week. On the next rest day.