Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The triple extension

annie with an awsome display of explosive power!
triple extension: when ankle, knee and hips are all at full extension

This happens during a jump, an explosive lift, and in sport and life. If we cheat any part of the triple extension by not fully opening that joint,we are cheating our maximal potential. With vertical leap training its said that an athlete with increase aprox 10% or so based on technique alone, and will only be able to increase aprox 20% more with strength training. This is the reason why vertical leap is used to estimate athletic potential. A person with a large vertical leap should also be in turn be able to snatch a large load.
when the triple extension happens but with poor timing this will in turn look similar to when a "girl" throws a baseball its called a sequence error. with practice this timing issue should be worked out.

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