Tuesday, June 5, 2007

when to double the fat???

4Block Meal: 4/4/4
4oz chicken (4 pro)
2 cups green beans (2 carb)
1 apple (2 carb)
4 Tbs avocado (4 fat)

and water with the meal!

Zone guidance:
a lot of people in the online community will recommend doubling the fat when you are hungry. This is an unacceptable answer for me because half the time they don't ask about body composition or performance. In the book and according to CF journal (#21) Fat is something that can be raised when body fat is low, or performance is getting higher (higher metabolism)
here are some of my insights from personal experience.

reasons for being hungry on the zone:
  • Poor estimates on any measurements (not enough food)
  • Skipped meals (not enough food)
  • Poor hydration (water retention is low on the zone, so heat and other factors may cause you to need more water than usual) hydrate early and often
  • Not enough protein
  • Not enough fat (when eating a very low fat or zero fat protein you must double fat blocks)
  • Activity level higher than calculated for level of blocks being eaten
  • some foods may not digest easily depending on your body. so you will in turn require more or you should avoid these types of foods in preference to something that will digest better.
post comments or your thoughts and experiences

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