Sunday, April 1, 2007

Lost .......(Rest Day)

Lost in a world
That runs by me, sometimes
I run by it.

What time is it, who cares
When do I
Have to be there, have it done by

Does it matter

Do I matter

Wondering through the woods


If I die
Who will care

I don’t care

When I hear about, someone
Dying in the woods


Should I
Care about someone
That I have never met
Should they

Care about me

Went rock climbing with James in the afternoon at eastpark, Climbed the "red run of death" (a 5.9 with a big overhang and some very small grips) this run has been haunting me for at least a year, I bought climbing shoes just because of this run! So all the grip training and crossfit has really got me somewhere because I was never even close before I really got serious with crossfit.

Class 5 is considered true rock climbing, predominantly on vertical or near vertical rock, and requires skill and a rope to proceed safely. Un-roped falls would result in severe injury or death.

The original intention was that the classes would be subdivided decimally, so that a route graded 4.5 would be a scramble halfway between 4 and 5, and 5.9 would be the hardest rock climb. Increased standards and improved equipment meant that climbs graded 5.9 in the 1960s are now only of moderate difficulty. Rather than regrade all climbs each time standards improve, additional grades were added at the top - originally only 5.10, but it soon became apparent that an open-ended system was needed, and further grades of 5.11, 5.12, etc. were added

I love when I am maxed out and am told that I'm mediocre

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